Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something New: Painting on Wood

Hand stitching is very accommodating to my lifestyle since it doesn’t require many props.  I can sit on the couch with a small piece of fabric, and work while my kids play on the floor. No machines. No mess.

But today, I took a break from my usual hoop art obsession of cross stitching and hand-embroidering. As fate would have it, all naps would align and I could venture into the untidy world of painting.  I had enough time to sketch a design on a wood plaque and get most of it painted using acrylics before the baby monitor started blasting. The rest, I finished in 60 second increments throughout the day. Although not my best work, since it’s been a while since my high school painting class, definitely something to brighten up my son’s bookshelf!


  1. 60 second increments - sounds like life with kids! :D

    Super cute!

  2. Nice job! I love the colors. I remember those 60 second increments all too well!

  3. I love the colors!! And the giant dots :)

    Found you via the Blog Team!

  4. That is gonna look so cute! You are so much better at time efficient projects than I am! Why must I always pick the ones that take days/weeks to complete?!

  5. I love doing doodling style painting =) My daughter loves to draw and then pain in the picture =) It's a nice break from routine!

    Yours turned out very cute! =)

    From the Etsy blog team =) And new follower =)

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